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In 2021 Getting Your Cashmere to Last a Lifetime

In 2021 Getting Your Cashmere to Last a Lifetime
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Cashmere is known for its soft touch and beautiful look; you can’t go wrong with adding some cashmere to your wardrobe. When you do so, it’s important to make sure you take care of it properly so you can keep the soft feel and elegant look lasting as long as possible.


InCashmere offers some of the most premium cashmere available, all while being at an affordable price. It is InCashmere’s mission to provide you with the best quality cashmere that meets today's fashion standards.


InCashmere offers a wide variety of elegant colors for you to choose from. Any color that you love to wear, InCashmere has it. From InCashmeres quality cashmere products, to their endless options of designs and colors, we offer comfort and style for years to come.


While InCahsmere’s products are guaranteed to be quality for a very long time, there are some tips and tricks to follow that will help keep your cashmere last even longer. Continue reading to learn the best ways to maintain your cashmere fabric for long lasting use.


  1. Proper Washing Technique

When it comes to clothing, the most important aspect for making color and texture last is the washing method you choose. All fabric is different, which means that not every load of laundry can be the same.


Cashmere especially needs proper care. Cashmere is known to be the softest fabric in the world. Fabric like this definitely needs to be treated delicately and with care.


That is why hand washing your cashmere products is the best way to go. As mentioned, such a gentle fabric like this needs some extra love. Wash cashmere in cold water and use a mild detergent when doing so.


About a 20 minute soak while hand washing your cashmere will suffice. However, experts say that the longer you let cashmere soak (max 2 hours) the fluffier the fabric will actually become. Chances are you may not always have 2 hours to handwash your cashmere products, but if you do ever come across a day with nothing on your schedule, try it out!


While hand washing is recommended, it is understandable that it may not be possible every time. If you turn your cashmere product inside out and put it in the washing machine for a short, gentle-cycle spin, this can be done on brief occasions without causing any harm.


  1. Proper Drying Technique

A proper drying technique goes hand in hand with a proper washing technique. You can’t just do 50% correct, you will have to go for the full 100% in order to make your cashmere last.


It is important that your cashmere garments do not get put in the dryer. Instead, place your cashmere product on a dry towel. Then, you will want to roll up the towel with the cashmere garment in it and press lightly. This will help remove a lot of the moisture without ringing your piece of clothing, which can damage cashmere.


After doing this you will want to open the towel back up, remove your cashmere product, and then find a good place to lay it flat for it to dry. Do not leave it out in direct sunlight or near a radiator. This drying process may take a day or two, so you will have to be patient.


Although the process may seem a little tedious, it is definitely worth it for keeping the quality of your cashmere in tact. Without the proper laundry method, your cashmere can lose it’s soft touch, the colors could fade, and the fabric could even unravel. Following this routine will help keep your cashmere perfect for as long as possible.


  1. Wash Cashmere Less Than the Rest of your Wardrobe

So, we explained that the washing process for your cashmere products requires a lot of extra dedication than the average garments you may own. This delicate process will definitely help you preserve the quality of your cashmere. However, washing your cashmere as little as possible can help even more in terms of making it last longer.


Obviously, all of your clothes need to be washed for sanitary reasons. That is why the delicate washing process is suggested for when the time comes to clean your cashmere. Nonetheless, if you can avoid wearing your cashmere once and then immediately washing it, you may be able to keep it looking and feeling as new as possible.


If you went about your day wearing your cashmere and avoided any spills, stains, or sweat, try giving it another wear or two before washing it. It is completely ok to wear your cashmere a few times before cleaning it again.


  1. Store it Properly

The way you put away your cashmere and store it is a very important aspect of keeping it in its best condition. Many people may not even give this a second thought, but it actually makes a difference how you put away your cashmere until its next wear.


It is important to not hang your cashmere garments. Instead, you should neatly fold any cashmere product you may have and place it on a closet shelf, or any other shelf you may have. This is because if you put your cashmere product on a hanger, there’s a good chance it could stretch out. This will affect the way your cashmere fits and looks, making it lose its elegant fit.


Also, it is suggested if you are not currently wearing your cashmere in certain seasons, that you should store any of your cashmere products in a big or somewhere enclosed until next season when you will use them. That way, they will be fresh and ready to wear just as you left them last season.


In Summary

Your cashmere garments are worth preserving. Especially any products that you get from InCashmere because of their promised great quality. With products like these, plus your TLC towards your cashmere, you are guaranteed to have a wardrobe that can last a lifetime.


Be sure to wash, store, and wear your cashmere properly in order to keep it looking and feeling brand new. There is nothing like the soft touch of cashmere, so do everything you can to keep it feeling that way.


The tips and tricks for maintaining your cashmere and making sure it lasts as long as it can are easy enough to follow to be more than worth it. InCashmere will provide you with the most durable and fashionable cashmere products around, all you have to do is care for it to make it last as long as you’d like.

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